where is the k38 relay on a mercedes benz

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need location of k38 relay | MercedesBenz Forum

4 Oct 2013 Oh yeah on another forum a 40 year veteran mechanic of mercedes said the k38 was … is a starter lockout relay to pervent stealing the car.

K38 Relay | Electrical, CAN and Wiring | 500Eboard

2 Aug 2014 Has anyone had the K38 relay behind the instrument cluster fail and prevent … for all things related to the MercedesBenz 500E and E500.

where is starter lockout relay k38 | MercedesBenz Forum

9 Dec 2005 i am now looking for relay k38, the starter relay. have removed the instrument cluster and the relay is not where they say it should be. my car …

K38 Relay on 124.022 – Bringing together Mercedes Enthusiasts

22 Jan 2014 car started running the battery down again. check via fuses indicated that circuit protected by Fuse C draws about 60mA alone when car is locked …

S320 K38 starter lockout relay – Mercedes Forum – Mercedes Benz

Based upon information I have received, I suspect that I can start the car when this condition occurs if I can force the K38 relay to close.

ATA module and K38 relay 95 E320 cabriolet – PeachParts …

24 Mar 2009 Both relays have leads numbered 30 and 87 that must be jumpered so I can still start my car after I find the ATA module and disconnect it.

R129 starter not turning | MercedesBenz Owners’ Forums

19 Feb 2014 Some 129 cars have a K38 behind the radio, these are no to have poor connections. the K38 is a starter lock out relay. OP. C …

95 S420 Where’s that K38 relay? – PeachParts MercedesBenz Forum

18 Jul 2003 Just where is that K38 starter lock relay on my 95 S420? The documentation I have doesn’t really show a good location.

No start E320, after K38 / ATA fix… – MBWorld.org Forums

27 Aug 2010 E-Class (W124) – No start E320, after K38 / ATA fix. … If I remove the fuse the long black relay directly behind the fuse box buzzes.

W124 wagon won’t start. X27&K38 relay Locations? – PeachParts …

10 Dec 2009 Drove home fine, then locked keys in car. … Thought I located K38 relay behind cluster and jumped 1&3, that did nothing.

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